Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arrived at Last!

Laurie is enjoying her cooked blood soup...her favorite from dinner!
Emily enjoys her fried mushroom
Treleen enjoys the inner intestines of a cow I believe
Danielle cooked our beef for our lettuce wraps
Sweet potatoes, some gel-like thing, liver, and onions
Cooked rice cakes, and boiled quail eggs to the left of the liver
We met for two hours this afternoon to kick off our time in Mokpo
We await our flight to Tokyo in Minneapolis
We finally are together in Minneapolis after travelling flying in from Chicago, Detroit, Denver, or Raleigh


After around 38 hours of travel we have finally arrived in Mokpo, Korea. Our travelling went smoothly, it was just a very long trip with little sleep (at least for me). After the 6 hour bus ride from Seoul to Mokpo, some of our host families picked us up to take us to their homes at 4 a.m. Some host families wanted to come to the church for the early service so some of the group stayed at the church for a couple hours before going to their host family's home to catch a few hours of sleep before starting our day. We just arrived at the church and it is almost 3:00 p.m. Personally, the 8 hours of sleep I got felt more like 20 so I am excited and ready to get started!!!

~Jake Hendrick

We made it! After going on 3 different flights and a 6 hour bus ride to get there, we have finally arrived in Mokpo, Korea. Most of the host families were there to meet us and take us home when we arrived at 4 in the morning, but ours wanted to go to the 5 am church service. We met our host family and found out that we are staying with one family but another lady is taking care of us. After a few hours of sleep and a very nice (but confusing) shower we were refreshed and ready to start our day. When our host mom came back to the apartment we sat down to eat breakfast/lunch. She served us some traditional Korean dishes like cornbread (bread with actual pieces of corn in it) and rice cake. The people we are staying with don't speak much English so when they were trying to tell us what the food was we thought that the rice cakes were duck. After we were done eating our host mom took us down the road and we ended up eating another complete meal at the Lotie store and then shopping to get more food for the week. Let's just say, the people in Korea value their food! Now we have met up with the team at the church and get started! Oh and it looks like a blizzard over here with all the snow coming down. Everyone keeps blaming us for bringing the snow with us from the States. Oops!

~Rachel Israel and Sam Muntz

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ready to Roll

We are finally all packed and ready to head out! The bags are full and so is our anticipation for a great trip (though not being super excited for the long day of travelling ahead). Please pray for our safety as we travel and that the Lord will give us excellent health while in South Korea!